On January 13th, 2009, Nik and Kate Zalesky had the pleasure of bringing Maxwell Zalesky into the world. Simply put and much understated, Max was a joy to all who met him. He was a perpetually happy baby; curious and energetic, and his smile was absolutely infectious. His zeal for life, apparent even at such a young age, made the lives of his family so much better.

In February of 2010, barely 13 short months after his birth, Max was diagnosed at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with bacterial meningitis. The disease took him before it was even fully identified. While his body struggled to hold on, his brain had lost all function. In the horrifying wake of this tragedy, his parents were given the option to donate Max’s organs through the Gift of Life program. Max’s gift saved a man suffering from renal failure and will benefit countless people through the research it facilitates. At barely a year old, and even after his death, Max’s legacy of making the lives of others better is undeniable and pervasive. The Max Moments Foundation was created to encourage and reward others to be better, to do better, in Max’s honor.

A Max Moment is the simple yet enduring act of extending happiness to others. We witness Max Moments when we see someone reaching out to a fellow human being in a gesture borne of kindness, compassion and generosity. When the goal is to better the life of another, be it friend or stranger, a Max Moment has occurred.

The Max Moments Foundation is a 501(3)c private foundation dedicated to donating funds collected in the name of a selected nominee who has made the life of another better. Our mission is to perpetually “pay it forward”. Because of the blessing brought into our lives through Max, we honor and appreciate the others in this world who are also making a difference.


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