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Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia – Whitman Branch
October 3, 2011

Often in our times, generosity goes unrewarded and unrecognized, and that is something we hope to remedy. But even without organizations like us, there are instances of generosity that are their own reward – and most often, they are those offered to a child. Heather Warren, a librarian for the Free Library of Philadelphia, had one such instance. When the front wheel of Hieu Nyugen’s bicycle was stolen outside of the Santore branch library in Philadelphia, Warren heard him sob his frustrated. The bike was not his, but lent to his family. His mother needed it to travel to the market. He used it several times a week to spend afternoons at the library, learning English and helping the librarians. Hieu, a young Vietnamese immigrant with little English and much enthusiasm, was referred to as “her star” by Ms. Corbett. When attempts on Facebook to find a donated tire proved fruitless, Heather Warren purchased a bike for Hieu and surprised him with it on his next trip to the library.
This type of kindness is so heart-warming and appreciated, not only by the recipient, but by those like us who simply read an article about it days later. It’s exactly what we hope to see in a Max Moment – an act of generosity and compassion with no other goal than to make someone smile.
Ms. Warren has chosen to donate her gift to the Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia, a cause we feel is more than worthy. We hope that this gift, in honor of Heather Warren and Max Zalesky, can help the Friends continue to make the libraries of Philadelphia a welcoming place for people like Hieu all across the city.


Cure AT/RT Now Fund
October 3, 2011

As a family first and an organization second, we fully understand the darkness that comes with the loss of a child. We know all too well how easy it can be to sink into that darkness, rather than try to stay afloat, or better – shine light where it seemed like there could be none. As such, we are tremendously moved by the perseverance and magnanimity shown by Katie and Brian Mandell in the wake of the loss of their daughter, Emily Mandell, to AT/RT. Their determination to raise funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute “Cure AT/RT Now” fund is truly inspiring. Katie and Brian, in their fight to prevent another family from experiencing a horrific loss like theirs, exemplify perfectly the spirit in which the Max Moments Foundation was established. It is in honor of them, and Emily and Max, that the Max Moments Foundation wishes to present a gift of $100.00 to the “Cure AT/RT Now” Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

October 3, 2011

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